Why you need VPS™

How VPS™ Works

#1 reason... It SAVES LIVES!
The Hose-McCann VPS works where all other technologies fail because it is powered by the human speaking voice.

Full System Redundancy

While other technologies may fail to operate during a black out, adverse weather conditions, or a loss of radio signal, the Hose-McCann VPS is designed to ensure voice communications even in situations where a part of the system may be damaged.

Full System Checks for Entire Building/MINE Diagnostics

With the Main Control Console (MCC) you are able to quickly and easily check the viability of all circuits throughout the system and indicate those that have been compromised. A simple flip of a switch disconnects the compromised circuit to ensure continuous operation of the failsafe voice communication system with zero downtime.

Effective and Dependable Crisis Management in Real Time:

Leading Edge Risk Assessment

The Emergency Response Team can know which stairways are problematic before entering a building by a simple system check.

Intelligent Advancement and Building Evacuation

Plan how Emergency Responders will advance through the building from floor to floor. A simple system check coupled with Real Time updates from persons in the building give you the information you need to effectively enter and intelligently evacuate the building.

Keep a Continuous Pulse of the Building

Through System Checks, organized advancement through the building, and continuous voice communication with persons in the building, Emergency Responders are able to keep a continuous pulse on the building and make decisions based on real time information.

  VPS exceeds all current and proposed legislation / building codes regarding emergency communication systems.
  Flame Retardant and Watertight Lines & Equipment
  Unlimited Operational Range
  No Additional Costs for Power or Provider
  Unlimited Expansion Capabilities

"Greatest reliability over all other technologies."

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