Voice Powered System™ (VPS™) Product Overview

Why you need VPS™

Failsafe Communication System to Increase Safety and Limit Liability

System Components

The core VPS™ consists of:

  • Main Control Console (MCC) located at the Security Desk or Watch Location in the Lobby
  • Emergency Communication Station (ECS) located in Stair-Towers and by the Emergency Exits
  • Flame-Proof Tested Cabling

Additional component options available include:

  • Secondary Control Console (SCC) located at the Security Desk or Watch Location in the Lobby
  • Portable Control Console (PCC) that plugs into connection jacks on the exterior of the building to provide for remote emergency access

The Emergency Communication Station (ECS), Main Control Console (MCC) and Secondary Control Console (SCC) are permanently installed inside the building in key locations where Security Personnel are traditionally posted such as a Security Desk and / or Watch Location. This ensures failsafe communications that are operational 24/7, and even more critically, that provide the much needed lifeline when other communication systems fail.

The Portable Control Console (PCC) is a valuable addition providing for remote emergency access. It is simply plugged into a connection jack on the exterior of the building for operation. The PCC is highly recommended for Emergency Personnel use at times when access to either the lobby or the building is not possible. It allows for the immediate establishment of a Remote Emergency Communication Station. The PCC contains "skins", or a set of flip switches, each of which are mapped exactly to a corresponding building, allowing for control and monitoring of the communication system. In the event of a severe emergency, such as the events of 9/11, lifesaving efforts are enhanced by providing Emergency Responders with PCC's that cover the entire building complex. This ensures communications between Emergency Personnel and those victims trapped in the building. The MCC, SCC and PCC are all designed for multiple operators should both Fire and Police Personnel require simultaneous coordination.

There is no one system that can promise you everything but a Voice Powered System by Hose-McCann offers you the greatest reliability over all the other technologies.

Learn why VPS is your best emergency communication system solution

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