Constant Communication

Effective Advancement Through Building

Any additional Emergency Personnel arriving, such as First Responders, can have their chief or officer in charge stationed at the location of the MCC, SCC or PCC. Emergency Personnel ascend a stair-tower to the first floor, pick up the handset at that level and press the "push-to-operate" button on the handset, which immediately connects them to the chief at the MCC, SCC or PCC. While the first rescue person remains in contact with the chief, the second rescue person advances to the next floor in the stair-tower, or cuts across to an adjacent stair-tower, and picks up the handset at that location. Once communication is established by the second rescue person, the first rescue person can then advance to the next position. This particular method of advancing through the building allows rescue personnel to remain in constant communication for updated information and further direction. Once again, the MCC, SCC and PCC are designed for multiple operators so both fire and police personnel can have simultaneous communication. Additionally, stair-towers can be isolated by multiple users.

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