Mining and tunneling are dangerous occupations. Providing your underground workers with reliable voice communications with the above ground world gives them the peace of mind to work effectively knowing they can get help when they need it. You are able to do your part to bring them to safety by providing first responders with the communication means necessary to get your workers out alive.

Hose-McCann offers you a custom designed and professionally installed voice powered communication system that provides you and your workers with a reliable, easy to operate, maintenance free and cost effective communication solution. Able to withstand extreme conditions including fire, flood or structural collapse, all components and cabling represent years of controlled research and state-of-the-art construction, ensuring you the finest quality and most reliable voice powered systems available.

System Components

The core HMC VPS™ consists of strategically installed emergency communication stations (ECS) as well as portable control consoles (PCC) that can be carried from location to location and plugged into strategically installed connection jacks. The main control console (MCC) is located above ground at your designated security station. An optional secondary control console (SCC) is also available if needed.

Simple Operation

A person would locate the nearest ECS, lift the handset and operate the "call" handle on the unit to call the MCC, SCC, or PCC. The operator on duty at the unit will be audibly and visually notified of the call. By depressing the "push-to-operate" button on the respective handsets, the operator and person "on-the-scene" can speak with each other. The operator on duty would then follow established procedures for dealing with the particular type of emergency situation.

Why Hose-McCann VPS™

Recent mining tragedies demonstrate the need for reliable underground communication systems that work effectively to locate and rescue those in dire need. Lives can be saved. For decades Hose-McCann has been providing custom communication solutions designed to function under the extreme conditions presented by each unique industrial environment. Work with a company that has the experience and knowledge to ensure your sites, underground and above ground, are accurately and systematically outfitted with reliable communications.

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